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Independence Referendum announced – what Lib Dems should do next

This week Alex Salmond signalled his intention to give Scots the chance to vote on independence in Autumn 2014. This shouldn’t surprise anyone. What it means in practice is that we will have to wait almost three years which is positive in the sense that it allows more than sufficient time for a reasonable debate, [...]

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“Scotland’s nature is to be Liberal” – Tim Farron

“Scotland’s nature is to be Liberal” – Tim Farron

by Tim Farron, President of the Liberal Democrats Scotland punches massively above its weight in the UK.  It has often been punished for having the audacity to be progressive by UK governments that are not – especially in the 80s and 90s – but it has also suffered at the hands of governments that have [...]

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Happy St Andrew’s Day

So it is St Andrew’s Day and some of us on the centre and centre-left of Scottish politics wanted to launch a blog to discuss politics and more. St Andrew’s Day falls in the most turbulent times this year. Today is the day of a massive public sector strike – nominally over pensions but probably [...]

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I agree with Nadine Dorries

In our first guest post we are pleased to have young (so young she isn’t old enough to vote yet) Scottish Liberal Democrat Alex White write what we hope is the first of many articles for us. I agree with Nadine Dorries. Never thought I would say that. Today Nadine Dorries at Prime Minister Questions asked this: [...]

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I wonder how John Mason and John Walker are feeling now

Today the Scottish Government launched its consultation on same-sex marriage and I am pleased to see that it now “tends towards the view that same sex marriage should be introduced but believes that faith groups and their celebrants should not be obliged to solemnise same sex marriages.” This is actually a stronger position than the [...]

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If we are to be positive about Scotland we need to offer something new

Within days of the Scottish elections in May there were stories appearing in the media about the questions the SNP should put to the Scottish people in its promised referendum on Scottish Independence. Whilst the SNP had won a majority in the election even the SNP would admit that was not and still isn’t a [...]

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