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Europe – 10 things I think happened last week

I do not yet know what to make of what happened in Brussels last week and what the consequences will be for the UK as a result My feelings are these: 1.  I think the EU has failed to reach an agreement that will solve the current financial crisis.  I think this agreement will fail [...]

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Edinburgh, London, Paris, Munich – everyone talk about – the Euro!

Today Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy met for make or break talks to save the Euro.  If they implement what they have agreed the Eurozone will become essentially both a monetary and a fiscal union.  If they fail, the enormous debt mountains threaten to bury the currency, along with several countries and with it perhaps [...]

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Happy St Andrew’s Day

So it is St Andrew’s Day and some of us on the centre and centre-left of Scottish politics wanted to launch a blog to discuss politics and more. St Andrew’s Day falls in the most turbulent times this year. Today is the day of a massive public sector strike – nominally over pensions but probably [...]

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