About The Scots Gazette

The Scots Gazette is written by a group of people who care passionately about Scotland and the promotion of liberal and progressive ideas, and the politics of the centre and centre-left.

With politics in Scotland polarised between nationalists and socialists we feel it is really important to invigorate the intellectual life of liberal democracy in Scotland. The quote in our banner comes from Voltaire who was writing about the rich intellectual and philosophical output during the Scottish Enlightenment. During that time there were places where people met to exchange differing points of view in a convivial atmosphere. The Scots Gazette aims to be a modern day equivalent.

At the heart of this is a belief that we have always, as a movement, been amongst the radicals and thinkers of politics. The Scots Gazette is entirely independent of the party and is a place for us to debate issues and develop ideas on a broad range of subjects to aid the development of modern Scotland.  It is a place to help ensure liberal democrat thinking and values are part the national debate.

There are many things for us to be proud of in our country today but as ever, as liberal democrats we want to make sure our society thrives and grows by being free, fair and open.  We care equally about individual and social justice.  This means balancing fundamental values like equality and having successful communities.  In turn this means making sure no-one loses out through poverty, a lack of education or opportunities, or through conformity.

How we go about achieving these things in Scotland and our wider place in the UK is what we are about. We hope The Scots Gazette will become a forum for with ideas and momentum where both “regular” ideas are discussed and radical new thinking can get its first public airing.

The blog will also not be without a lighter side.  As political geeks and junkies we will no doubt sometimes discuss political gossip and the dark arts of psephology.  And other global political stories will of course get an occasional outing.


Who We Are:

This blog has been founded by a group of Scottish Liberal Democrat activists, bloggers and supporters as well as those who believe that liberal values and ideas are both important and necessary in Scotland.

The aim of the blog is to develop ideas and views from a range of people and perspectives. As well as from those in and around the Scottish Liberal Democrats there will also be contributions from those who want to help promote liberal values in Scotland. The editorial line is neutral on matters of debate within the party and party selections and elections.

The blog is run by an editorial team of Gavin Hamilton, Caron Lindsay, Andrew Page, Andrew Tibbs, Sophie Bridger and Douglas McLellan.