I agree with Nadine Dorries

In our first guest post we are pleased to have young (so young she isn’t old enough to vote yet) Scottish Liberal Democrat Alex White write what we hope is the first of many articles for us.

I agree with Nadine Dorries. Never thought I would say that. Today Nadine Dorries at Prime Minister Questions asked this:

“Mr Speaker, the Liberal Democrats make up 8 or 7% of this parliament and yet they seem to be influencing our free school policy, health, many issues, immigration and abortion. Does the Prime Minister think it’s about time he told the Deputy Prime Minister who is the boss?”

I agree with this, though most of what Mad Nad says I completely shudder at. The Liberal Democrats in coalition and in Scotland are punching far above their weight and managing to land quite a few knock out blows. In the coalition we have put pay to Michael Gove’s idea of allowing free schools being allowed to make profits, halting the Conservatives kneejerk reactions to the riot and now we are currently battling to make sure George Osborne doesn’t give a tax cut to the rich. We are taking the edge off the Tory bite, limiting and shelving some of their more harmful ideas and it winds up the right wing Tories no end. Unlike Nadine Dorries I think this is a good thing, in fact a brilliant thing. We are not the Tories lap dog, we are the guard dog of Liberal Democracy and we better not stop.

It’s not just in the coalition we are making an impact, but also here in Scotland. Scottish Secretary recently made a speech, setting out 6 questions to the SNP, smashing through their gold plated dream of an independent Scotland and asking some pressing question on the cold hard reality of the split. Then there’s Willie Rennie and his hard working and brilliant team of MSPs.  I hope I don’t sound too biased when I say they’re all legends in their own rights. At the moment both Labour and Conservatives are fighting leadership elections, their wings clipped and their teeth blunt. The Lib Dem’s on the other hand are currently flying the flag for what a competent opposition should be. Our five MSPs are not only holding the Scottish executive to account but offering real alternatives. There is general consensus that Willie Rennie is giving Alex Salmond a thorough grilling and is gaining the reputation as the voice of reason against the SNP.

So yes take pride in the fact Nadine Dorries says we have too much influence (also do not feel sorry for gloating that her abortion amendment was shot down with a 250 majority against her proposal). Take pride in that we are fighting our corner and never apologise for influencing government policy.

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  1. Andrew Page September 11, 2011 at 11:58 #

    Excellent contribution Alex!